The Great Forgetting

Great Forgetting front

You’re right, the “i” is indeed missing. It has been missing for a very long time. Ever since Adam named the animals and “annihilated them in their existence as beings.” Thus spoke Hegel. Man’s sin, alas, included unforeseen collateral damage. The moment he named them, Adam forgot who he was—tumbling, like Alice, into a brave new self-consciousness where the original, pan-species “I” was no more.

It falls to us to remember what Adam, that day, forgot.

Calvin Luther Martin lives on the northern edge of the Adirondack Park, with his unfortunate name, a featherweight cedarstrip canoe, a paddle, and a wife named (thank God) after a boat.

Cecilia Sorochin designs books, petal by petal, from her garden by the sea in her native Argentina.